This is a notebook for the first project on StudyPlan2022, learning Bioinformatics. I got motivated on this subject when I read about the mRNA BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-Cov-2 Vaccine, scientists are creating vaccines using DNA code and I can’t express enough how that is amazing! I also read Mukherjee2017TheGene while studying the Bioinformatics course.

Finding Hidden Messages in DNA

Where in the Genome Does DNA Replication Begin?

Biology of DNA Replication

List of Code Challenges

ba1a1AFrequent Words Problem
ba1c1BReverse Complement Problem
ba1c1CPattern Matching Problem
ba1d1DClump Matching Problem
ba1e1EMinimum Skew Problem
ba1f1FApproximate Pattern Matching Problem
ba1g1GFrequent Words with Mismatches Problem
ba1h1HFrequent Words with Mismatches Problem and Reverse Complements Problem

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