Title: AWS Serverless: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Scalable Applications on the Cloud

Summary: “AWS Serverless: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Scalable Applications on the Cloud” is a comprehensive book designed to introduce beginners to the core concepts and practices of serverless computing using Amazon Web Services (AWS). This book aims to provide readers with a solid foundation in understanding what serverless is, the key AWS serverless services available, event-driven design principles, pricing models, and even AWS certifications related to serverless technologies. With a focus on practicality, the book includes numerous examples and use cases of serverless projects implemented in popular programming languages such as Python, Go, PHP, and Node.js. By the end of this book, readers will gain the knowledge and confidence to leverage AWS serverless services effectively and build scalable applications in the cloud.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Serverless Computing 1.1 Understanding Serverless Concepts 1.2 Benefits of Serverless Architecture 1.3 Serverless vs. Traditional Computing Models 1.4 Overview of AWS Serverless Services

  2. Key AWS Serverless Services 2.1 AWS Lambda 2.2 Amazon API Gateway 2.3 Amazon DynamoDB 2.4 Amazon Cognito 2.5 Amazon S3 2.6 Amazon SES 2.7 Amazon SNS 2.8 Amazon EventBridge 2.9 AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model)

  3. Event-Driven Design in Serverless Applications 3.1 Understanding Event-Driven Architecture 3.2 Event Sources and Event Handlers 3.3 AWS Event-Driven Services (S3, DynamoDB Streams, etc.) 3.4 Implementing Event-Driven Design with AWS Serverless Services

  4. Pricing and Cost Optimization in AWS Serverless 4.1 Pricing Models for AWS Serverless Services 4.2 Calculating Costs and Cost Optimization Strategies 4.3 Understanding Resource Allocation and Scaling

  5. AWS Certifications for Serverless Technologies 5.1 Overview of AWS Certification Tracks 5.2 Serverless-Specific Certifications and Exams 5.3 Preparing for AWS Serverless Certification Exams

  6. Building Serverless Projects in Python 6.1 Setting Up Python Development Environment 6.2 Creating AWS Lambda Functions in Python 6.3 Integrating Serverless Services with Python 6.4 Deploying and Managing Python-based Serverless Applications

  7. Building Serverless Projects in Go 7.1 Setting Up Go Development Environment 7.2 Creating AWS Lambda Functions in Go 7.3 Integrating Serverless Services with Go 7.4 Deploying and Managing Go-based Serverless Applications

  8. Building Serverless Projects in PHP 8.1 Setting Up PHP Development Environment 8.2 Creating AWS Lambda Functions in PHP 8.3 Integrating Serverless Services with PHP 8.4 Deploying and Managing PHP-based Serverless Applications

  9. Building Serverless Projects in Node.js 9.1 Setting Up Node.js Development Environment 9.2 Creating AWS Lambda Functions in Node.js 9.3 Integrating Serverless Services with Node.js 9.4 Deploying and Managing Node.js-based Serverless Applications

  10. Real-World Use Cases and Best Practices 10.1 Serverless Data Processing and Analytics 10.2 Building Serverless APIs

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